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Sorry So Short… and Backlogged

Friday, July 17th, 2009

Despite my writing hiatus, I’ve been visiting the hearse once a week. Each time, I took pictures of the progress, which is still slow, but more to look at than when we began. The visits have been productive from both a learning standpoint and a personal one. I’m still practicing my Spanish with Pablo. Francisco told me today that Pablo told him I speak Spanish with him and that’s good because Pablo doesn’t like speaking English. Really? A Mexican who doesn’t want to speak English? Aye carumba!

Also, I’m going through the gamut of audio and lighting with Allen and his employee, Arbey. They’re Armenian, like at least half the population in this area, so we stick to English.

Why My Friends Rule

Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

My friend Josh was telling some of his friends in Austin about my car. The following conversation ensued.

Some Fuckin’ Dude I’ve Never Met: “Hey! You know what Kat should have bought?”

Josh: (pointed stare) “A hearse.”

The guy was going to suggest some vintage taxi or something. I fail to see what’s cute about a Barbie Dream Vintage Taxi. Do people not understand the concept of a play on words? Perhaps there is a better way to beat people over the head with my marketing message… like with a 5-inch stiletto.

Another Idea for a Ceiling

Sunday, July 5th, 2009

A friend of mine went down to Savannah to get a tattoo and came back with this.

Click The Hearse, then View Seating Arrangement.

WTF? I think my pink-and-white bench seats will be a little more comfortable, especially in Seattle’s spitting mist. But if I’m in Savannah, and in the mood to sweat a bit, I’ll look them up. (Thanks, Dan!)