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Divided We Roll

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

Despite the fact that every circumstance tried to keep me out of court for the last few months, I finally had my day and the judge ruled in my favor. The session was short and to the point. Most notably, the judge and I received word from one of the court employees that Admir called the court yesterday to say he had just been served the papers. We each heard this as we held in our hands official documents stating he was served in person back in September. I nearly broke down with laughter. Did he actually think that would fly? Now it’s time to set up a game plan to collect. Just another side project to occupy myself while I continue waiting for my car to be done.

On that front, I didn’t get a chance to see the car while I was in town because Frank had taken it to another shop where they welded in the divider. He took some pictures for me the following day. He told me before it would be four inches thick and won’t leave much wiggle room in the front, so anyone taller than me should plan on chillin’ in the back seat. Since I plan on driving mostly girls, this isn’t a big deal.

Frank is going to spend next week covering the divider and putting in the ceiling. I don’t want him to do anything else until we get the A/C business straightened out. We had someone working on that (Mike) but the people who welded the divider said he was charging too little and that Frank should be suspicious of that. My first question was, “How the hell do you know?” and my second was, “Are you volunteering to take over this part of the project then?”

So Frank is setting up some phone calls, which should take place tomorrow, so I can ask these questions myself. I don’t know either party, so I want to talk to both of them. Like everything else, it feels like a tall order, but it shouldn’t be.

Meanwhile, Allen wants to know when he’s going to get the car back so he can do the fitting for the stereo components. I feel for him, but I don’t want to be forced to forgo A/C because there’s a subwoofer in the way. But who am I to tell anyone to be patient?

The Last Ride

Monday, October 12th, 2009

Some friends in town told me about the Hearse Exhibit at the California Automobile Museum, so we headed out there earlier today (by way of Tower Cafe and the Cal Expo Center). There were far more classic cars than anything else, but the hearses they had were more unique than what you’d find at normal auto shows. Despite the poor lighting and my being equipped with only a camera phone, I took some pictures anyway.

Here’s my favorite, a miniature hearse for youth funerals:

Q: What’s the difference between a ’92 Brougham Cadillac Hearse and a pile of dead babies?

A: I don’t have a ’92 Brougham Cadillac Hearse in my garage. Still.