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A System that Blows in Those Hard-to-Reach Places

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

The AC/heat system for the back of my car was just installed yesterday and Frank sent me pictures. He enlisted the help of James at LA Custom Coach, where they reportedly did a great job. Frank is now my official go-to guy since I can’t be in LA to do all the research firsthand. He told me the only reason James was even able to do this was this being a slow month. After working things out with James over the phone and perusing some of the huge party vans they make, I immediately thought, “Where have you guys been all my life?”

They put in a Manex A/C evaporator and heater system with 2-vent heat and 4-vent A/C. The two heating vents face the rear and four A/C vents run along the top of the side panel.

They also had to replace the condenser because they discovered a leak. James told me it was covered in dirt, and once they blew it out, they discovered several leaks in the front. And of course, it was out of freon.

Frank is putting the panels and seats together now. He had to pull in the panels a bit to make room for the tubing and whatnot. I’m sure more will change as the stereo components are fitted. I probably won’t paint the outside of the car until next year, since I’ve already had enough to worry about this year.