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BDH Hibernation Continues

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

I haven’t driven anywhere in the past week, which would be alright if I didn’t have places to go. The snow and ice have left me housebound. As much as I’d like to show off my mad Chitown driving skillz, this is hardly a similar experience. All this time at home with my bored dog has allowed me to read a plethora of indignant posts about how Seattle drivers are bad, people are freaking out about a little snow, we should be more prepared, etc. They hardly mention hills, which change everything.

I don’t even want to mess with with icy inclines in someone else’s car, let alone my rear-wheel drive shebeast. Whether it’s my fault or not, the bigger car always gets the blame. Plus, the rear door contains my calling card. Although I’d get tons of exposure, I can’t imagine being stranded on the side of I-5 being good for business.

That is, if I could even make it that far. Those trying to enter my neighborhood are greeted with this sign:

Unfortunately, they didn’t put one at the bottom of the hill, not that it would have stopped anyone. It seems a good number of people still think “First HILL” is just a clever name. While walking the dog yesterday, I saw this fine mess:

FUN GAME: Can you find the penis in this picture?

A neighbor told me that happened Monday night and there were even more cars involved, which were towed. For lack of a better solution, folks just left their cars there until the next day. So some well-meaning individual put a single orange traffic cone at the intersection at the top of the hill. Despite that, I saw the same wreck this morning with different cars.

These wrecks are happening just feet away from my parking garage exit, so I hope everyone understands why I’ll be taking a break for awhile. I love a good challenge, but trying to traverse Seattle hills through snow and ice is a very bad one.

Stay safe and have a great turkey-day!

How Have I Not Driven Here?

Sunday, November 14th, 2010

Thrasher’s Corner: Because you can never be too hardcore.

And I Thought *I* Got Stares

Friday, November 12th, 2010


Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

If you go to my website (linked for facebook readers), you’ll notice a new pink little devil-girl next to the address bar. That is my favicon. Until today, I had no idea what it was called or how to make one. Since I managed to do it this morning, you can be sure it’s pretty easy.

Thanks to browsing random online forums, I’m still hot on the heels of trend-setting in 2004!

Weekend Wrap-Up

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

I broke my record for number of costumes worn in a single weekend. Besides being a ladybug at the Bone Bash, I dressed up as a witch, a cat, a zombie, and a pirate. Whatever I lacked in scary appearance, I’m sure I compensated with the usual lunacy.

On Friday, I helped a JLS committee hang decorations for a Halloween Party at Vito’s. In honor of the venue’s scary past, I brought the hearse. Okay, that’s a lie. I brought the hearse because I was having it cleaned and battery tested, and I didn’t feel like going home yet.

Also, I lived across the street from that festering crack-den for a year, and its renovation was highly talked up to me. I didn’t try the drinks (obviously), but the look and feel of the place have improved to say the least. I talked to the manager for a bit, nice guy. And he seemed interested in the car, which always gives me a tinge of pride.

On Saturday, I rolled by zomBcon to get made up like a zombie by my favorite zombie killer (ironic?). He gave me a steel bracelet, I got some buttons for shooting a zombie-clown’s eye out with an Airsoft, and since Halloween is my Christmas, I got some Barbie Colorforms (elsewhere) too:

Zombie-killing-man and I took some pictures together (send ’em if you got ’em!), and then I drove a zombie wedding officiated by Bruce Campbell from the Evil Dead movies. The bride and groom were pleasant and normal, and surprised by all of the media attention. We cruised Seattle Center for a bit and I took them to their reception at the Funhouse.

I picked up the zombie killers afterward and cruised SoDo, downtown, and Capitol Hill before heading home to prepare for Halloween Day.

Unlike most Halloweens, the weather on Sunday was great all afternoon. I love that Seattle really gets into the holiday. I spent the afternoon checking out costumes close to home and then ventured out to Bellevue to hand out candy to trick-or-treaters at my friend’s house with his family. Everyone knows you have to go to the nice neighborhoods if you want to get the good candy.

Despite this, everyone I’ve talked to in every neighborhood reported an all-time low in trick-or-treating this year. I guess it has all officially moved to the malls in the name of safety. It’s shame; until they decide to make a trailer for Blues Brothers III starring Kat Taylor, the Barbie Dream Hearse probably won’t be driving through any malls.

Later that night, I drove a costume wedding at the Capitol Hill Garage. The bride and groom looked fantastically macabre and were also a very nice couple. The ride was a surprise from one of their friends, and I was so happy to help make their night special.

I cruised the Hill some more and yapped with the after-party Dick’s crowd. The rain made it difficult to stay out though, and all my hearse-people were home in bed at that point. I decided that was a good place for me too and got to bed at a semi-reasonable hour. Something about life being nice makes you wanna do things right. Or maybe I have old age to blame for making me so responsible. My impending doom, I mean birthday, is in just 4 weeks!