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New Babe on the Blogroll

Sunday, January 16th, 2011

Before this hits my inbox yet again, I thought I’d share the dark, sexy, sometimes humorous photography of Mariel Clayton. She also has some great stuff for sale here. I left her online store with this card, which I’ll promptly send out to a good friend in Austin whose ken wasn’t all he was cracked up to be:

I sent the photographer some fan mail and she quickly replied in kind. What a doll! Let’s hope she gets to keep her head longer than most of her subjects.

New Stuff

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

Like most Seattleites, I love a good cup of coffee. Although the argument rages on as to who makes it best, everyone agrees it tastes even better in my new mug!

I also have a line of white t-shirts with my logo on them for just ten bucks! These aren’t the same American Apparel shirts as the other ones, so they run big instead of small. In the picture below, I’m rockin’ a women’s small, but I usually wear a medium.

You can find all this and more in my online store. Eventually, I’ll add the magnets to the store, and maybe some anchors and thumbnails, shoops and whoops, and dogs and cats living together (mass hysteria). Many people have already figured out you’ll get at least a little somethin’-somethin’ by sending me a couple bucks through paypal or by sending a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Or you can walk around Capitol Hill every night until you see me out with the car handing out promo goodies. But let’s not kid ourselves, it’s January in Seattle, so it may be awhile.

Santa Barbie!

Friday, January 7th, 2011

Or, if you prefer, Barbie New Year!

The holiday season was full of magic and wonder, and the Barbie Dream Hearse was full of elves and party-goers celebrating Christmas and NYE. Driving the Sugarplum Elves was a great way to enjoy yet another Santacon, this time from the comfort of my living room on wheels. I dressed up as a santa girl, and all the elves were adorable. I took some fantastic dark, out-of-focus pictures on my Sidebrick, which is now probably sitting at the bottom of a lake because no pawn shop would take it. RIP, old phone. We will always remember the good times.

For Christmas, my website got a new navigation bar. Big thanks to Greg at Live Dog Productions for making my site more user-friendly while staying true to my logo and theme. If you’re reading this post on Facebook and haven’t taken a look yet, go now!

For New Year’s, I received a hand-me-down Crackberry to answer your calls and emails. Now I can officially call myself a busy business lady whose life is missing something but she doesn’t realize it because she’s so busy with business. Take the internet, for example. It’s serious business.

For Betweenodays*, I finally fixed the iPod connector on my jack-of-all-trades head unit. Although my taste in music is so excellent that you shouldn’t even want to play your iPod through my stereo, you are of course more than welcome to, especially now that it’s plug-and-play.

For January Afterburn*, I installed my fancy new(ish) air filter and got my oil changed. Econo Lube is now one of my favorite places in Everett, alongside Sam’s Gun Shop, Northway Aviation, and Water Tectonics. The guys there were friendly and knowledgeable, and (this is key) they were actually ready to do the work at the time of my scheduled appointment. I know this is a real shocker, but no matter how pretty you or your car may be, if a shop is busy, you have to wait.

So far, Barbie is rolling through the beginning of 2011 looking as fine as the day she arrived in Emerald City. Here’s to another year of wild rides!

*These are days I made up and probably don’t warrant gifts or celebrations from anyone’s perspective but mine, but I’m still pretty stoked.