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Greenwood Seafair Parade

Thursday, July 28th, 2011

I joined the Seattle Art Car group for this fun neighborhood weeknight parade. I arrived for check-in at 5pm (one hour before the scheduled start of the parade) and chatted with some people in nearby floats. I enjoyed a brief brush with local royalty when a mother noticed the Barbie Dream Hearse and called over her daughter and two other winners of the Marysville Strawberry Festival Royalty Scholarship Pageant. These charming, outgoing young ladies told me a little about the pageant while their parents took pictures of them with my car.

In front of our set of off-beat vehicles was a marching band with some flag twirlers. They had come all the way from Calgary, Alberta to strut their stuff. Of course, when I spoke with the band director, I let on that I thought they were from some local school named Calgary. Wrong! These guys were the real deal.

And of course, there were pirates. Y’ar, many pirates.

Lead by Leah’s Day of the Dead car and followed Kelly’s fashion accessories car, our small but sturdy brigade crept by a surprisingly huge crowd. My waving-arm was ready to fall off, if my head didn’t first. I had been up since 5am, so I was dead (ha!) tired by the time the parade started at 7:30. I took to heart the fact that if I fell asleep at the wheel, I’d only be going about 3 mph so everyone would have ample time to get out of my way.

Since I’ve been asked the questions, “Who’s back there!? Any dead bodies?” at least a million times and fatigue makes me a little loopy, I’ve now started gleefully replying, “Amy Winehouse!”

Too soon?

80’s Party!

Thursday, July 28th, 2011

The Dream Hearse was made especially for events like this. I had so much fun driving this party to 80’s Night at the Noc Noc!

Shake, Rattle, and Roll!

Friday, July 22nd, 2011

The door rattle is gone! Thanks to the ever-helpful, always friendly staff at L-M Body Shop, I am rollin’ without rattlin’. Carl, their resident Cadillac guru, had the manly task of driving the BDH through Kirkland and listening for the rattle. So if you were on the 405 yesterday and saw a long-haired guy taking my Barbie car for a spin, yes, that happened on purpose.

The guys had secured all the loose wires and checked the electronics in the door console last time, so finding the noise had to be difficult. It turns out a small piece on the outside of the door was loose, just below the grip (not the door handle, although I find it funny when people mistake it for one). All it took was some sticky material called Butle, which I’m sure I’m spelling wrong.

Rather than gunning it all the way back to Seattle where I belong, I stopped over in Bellevue to meet with my Junior League committee, Life Skills for Women. Our goal is to help women do more things that are awesome and fewer things that suck. (Awesome things include writing a resume, creating a budget, cooking healthy meals, and the like.) I’m flattered that people think I can do that, and I’m looking forward to getting started. We all have something inside us that makes us the fantastic individuals that we are, it’s just a matter of finding and harnessing it.

Apparently, taking the pristine road less traveled was good for business, too. I came home to a few calls and emails from people who had seen the car and wanted to know more. How sweet! Coming up this week, I have a party, and then I’ll be in the Greenwood Seafair Parade and the Silverdale Whaling Days Parade. Let’s do this!


Friday, July 8th, 2011

Here’s a preliminary shot from the photo session before the Seattle Bride party:

I really did win an award, and there I am holding it!

Seattle Bride’s Best of 2011

Saturday, July 2nd, 2011

Yesterday was action-packed! After a long trip from Everett back to the Emerald Motherland, I picked up my new friend Jessica and brought her back to my place for a quick interview and photoshoot. She’s doing a photojournalism project about people who were affected by the recession. Since I had saved up before ending all of my contracts back in 2008, I enjoyed my year of “funemployment” traveling and working on the Barbie Dream Hearse. Most people were not so fortunate, and I’m happy to have been able to contribute a positive story to the project.

Afterward we headed out to South Lake Union for a party hosted by Seattle Bride Magazine. I won the “Kookiest Getaway Mobile” award and received a small write-up:

Since our shoot ran long, I missed the ceremony in which these kinds of important awards are accepted. If I had known it was not just a party and actually serious business, I would have been more prompt. But Jessica and I were having fun, and we kept having it well through the rest of the party:

Proud to Be a Seattleite!

Friday, July 1st, 2011

When I was invited to participate in the Seattle Pride Parade, I was elated. Not only would it get some eyes on my hearse, but it also gave me the opportunity to show my support for other folks who do things a little differently. There was so much goodwill and compassion in the air (along with glitter and bubbles), I couldn’t stop smiling from the take-out to the break-down.

I arrived at my designated spot around 9am and wandered around looking at stuff for the next three hours. For those in the parade, it lasted about an hour, but with eight blocks’ worth of floats (give or take), I’m told for spectators it lasted four. As I walked up and down Fourth Avenue, it started to look like half of Seattle was going to be in that parade. Who is going to watch the parade if everyone’s already in it?

The other half, it turns out.

Massive groups of people lined the entire route, and the party at Seattle Center afterward was giant. I yikkity yakked with some friends next to the car before and after the parade outside the party, and was amazed by how many more people stopped by to talk, many of which I had met in the last year or so. It was awesome to be able to reconnect with some of my more far-flung hearse people and some other great people I’ve worked with along the way.

I may not be a supa-star yet, but here’s me trying:

I drove with the Gothic Pride procession, which included goths, zombies, and a giant batmobile:

I met interesting people who gave my car a hug:

And best of all, I ate gay cupcakes (and somehow refrained from giving tutorials):

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