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Santa Barbie!

Friday, January 7th, 2011

Or, if you prefer, Barbie New Year!

The holiday season was full of magic and wonder, and the Barbie Dream Hearse was full of elves and party-goers celebrating Christmas and NYE. Driving the Sugarplum Elves was a great way to enjoy yet another Santacon, this time from the comfort of my living room on wheels. I dressed up as a santa girl, and all the elves were adorable. I took some fantastic dark, out-of-focus pictures on my Sidebrick, which is now probably sitting at the bottom of a lake because no pawn shop would take it. RIP, old phone. We will always remember the good times.

For Christmas, my website got a new navigation bar. Big thanks to Greg at Live Dog Productions for making my site more user-friendly while staying true to my logo and theme. If you’re reading this post on Facebook and haven’t taken a look yet, go now!

For New Year’s, I received a hand-me-down Crackberry to answer your calls and emails. Now I can officially call myself a busy business lady whose life is missing something but she doesn’t realize it because she’s so busy with business. Take the internet, for example. It’s serious business.

For Betweenodays*, I finally fixed the iPod connector on my jack-of-all-trades head unit. Although my taste in music is so excellent that you shouldn’t even want to play your iPod through my stereo, you are of course more than welcome to, especially now that it’s plug-and-play.

For January Afterburn*, I installed my fancy new(ish) air filter and got my oil changed. Econo Lube is now one of my favorite places in Everett, alongside Sam’s Gun Shop, Northway Aviation, and Water Tectonics. The guys there were friendly and knowledgeable, and (this is key) they were actually ready to do the work at the time of my scheduled appointment. I know this is a real shocker, but no matter how pretty you or your car may be, if a shop is busy, you have to wait.

So far, Barbie is rolling through the beginning of 2011 looking as fine as the day she arrived in Emerald City. Here’s to another year of wild rides!

*These are days I made up and probably don’t warrant gifts or celebrations from anyone’s perspective but mine, but I’m still pretty stoked.

Barbieslist Missed Connection

Saturday, July 10th, 2010

To the guy smirking at me while we waited for the light to change on Broadway and Madison:

If I can’t enjoy my ridiculously booming sound system in my ridiculously large/old/quirky vehicle by singing along with Soul Asylum’s cover of “Sexual Healing” at the top of my lungs, who will?

ABC Blackout!

Monday, April 5th, 2010

It was after midnight on a Sunday. I was tasked with driving two of my friends to two nearby neighborhoods. Since they were both in the back, I put in a Happy Tree Friends DVD to show off… I mean, keep them entertained. Unless I switch menus, the small 7-inch monitor up front will display whatever I have playing on the TV in the back. Thus I had adorable, brightly-colored cartoon animals and their gory hijinx featured on two screens in the Barbie Dream Hearse roaming theater.

Jessica, Donnell, and I were headed up Jackson Street in the International District, a.k.a. CHINATOWN when I noticed a cop car coming from the other direction. I turned right and dropped Donnell off. Jessica got out and joined me in the front. Not a minute later, she received a call from Donnell to inform us that the cop car was on our tail.

No big deal, I thought. I am white, female, and not on drugs. This puts me way ahead of the curve already, especially in this neighborhood. And since I haven’t owned a car in four years, my driving record is pristine.

I drove around the block, passing a few crackheads bouncing up and down and wildly gesticulating, and then stopped at a light. The cops pulled up next to me. I looked the driver in the eye and did my half-nod salute, which says, “I see you and am acknowledging your presence. No need for further discussion.”

He seemed slightly surprised by my direct address and nodded back, but apparently he disagreed with my implied sentiments. At the next light, the cops pulled up alongside my car and motioned to Jessica to roll down her window.

“That’s quite a car you have there!” said the driver.

“Yep,” I replied. When I’m out and about, I usually have my happy face on. After all, I love my car and enjoy talking about it. But that night, I wasn’t in party mode. I was in take-people-home-and-get-in-bed mode. And once I began talking to the cops, I was in what’s-the-problem-let-me-go mode.

“What kind of car is it?” the other cop asked.

“It’s a 1992 Cadillac Brougham Superior hearse,” I replied as a cute yellow rabbit was hung from a tree by its eyeballs on the 7-inch monitor in my dashboard.

“You run some kind of business?”

My phone number and website are plastered on the back window; I guess the jig is up.

“It’s a limousine on the inside,” I replied. The light turned green. “Have a good night!”

I booked it up to 12th Street and over to Capitol Hill to drop off Jessica. Normally I would have offered to stop and do a show-and-tell, especially for our fine men in blue. But I had just eaten my weight in candy and spent the last week with people all up in my Kool-aid. I was in dire need of some down time.

Donnell texted us to see what came of the cop situation. I had Jessica tell him that when they looked in the car and didn’t see any more black guys, we were free to go. Sadly, there’s truth in jest. Upon finding out there wasn’t a lot of interracial funny business going on, they didn’t bother accusing me of watching TV in my car.

Whether I actually watch it or not (I don’t), my setup is technically illegal. Realistically, there isn’t an after-market electronics consumer out there who would install a DVD-ready head unit without bypassing its connection to the parking brake. If I was really worried about getting hassled for it, I could have easily pressed the Map button and the screen would have switched over to my navigation system. Apparently, that is a perfectly acceptable thing to view in lieu of the road in front of you.

Party Mode for Party Kats

Saturday, February 13th, 2010

Luckily, the Barbie Dream Hearse is ALWAYS in Party Mode. But if it weren’t, I’d have this.

The Infinite Loop of Groundhog Day

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

Pablo came to get me around the time Frank’s shop opened. After acquiring my coffee ration for the day, I talked to Frank about stereo issues. The stereo guys had held the car for several days, even though Arbey had installed the alarm and done all the stereo wiring he had wanted to do in the first day. I know Frank wasn’t trying to play the blame game, but I was noticeably disappointed. The stereo guys said they’d tint the window, and they didn’t even do that.

It seems that the main struggle for these two entities is that each one wants to receive the car in its completed state in terms of the other entity’s work, but neither one wants to complete the job before the other has installed all of their components. Since Allen (stereo) and Frank (upholstery) already knew each other, I didn’t think I’d have to be around to manage the details of how they did their work. I admit I don’t know much, but since I’m funding this venture, apparently my being around to make some sort of executive decision about every little thing was imperative.

Frank called Art, recommendor of shitty stereo guy Admir, to see if he had a person who could come out and tint the back window for me. By the point, the encasing and bracket for the TV had been made, but not installed. Since Art still feels bad about Admir trying to rip me off, he sent a guy over right away who tinted the back window on both sides so it’s practically solid black. After some hesitation, I had him tint the other two back windows. I wanted to keep those clear so I could show off some pink and white curtains, but I know I’m not going to get to making those for another couple of months.

Art came over a little while later to check out the car. He wanted to talk about Admir, who I’m still in the process of suing. Apparently, he’s shitting his pants over this debt he owes me, and I had to gently remind Art that wouldn’t be the case if he were innocent.

As we parted ways, Art said something about the cops leaving me alone while I’m on the road, given the size and nature of my vehicle.

“Well, I would expect them to, since I don’t plan on breaking any laws,” I replied.

Yeah, I can be kind of a righteous fuck sometimes.

Allen came by over the course of the day, speaking mostly on administrative matters of payment and when he was going to record the car as having left the shop. I wanted to grab him and say, “Do you understand that I’m 1200 miles away from where I want to be? Did you know I’m here on my own dime, waiting for a car that has taken 10 months to finish? And instead of telling me how you’re going to finish your piece of the job, you want to talk about what you’re going to write down on a fucking piece of paper??”

My facial expressions must have communicated at least some of that because Arbey and another person from his shop were at Frank’s that afternoon, working in tandem with Frank’s guys like I wanted to have happen all along. Frank said they were pissed, but they held my car for several days that could have been productive, so they could go ahead and be pissed. Allen plainly stated that Saturday is their busiest day, so basically, my car was an afterthought. Well, we are now entering the “after” period during which you will be thinking about it.

By the end of the day, everything was almost done, but not quite. Since it’s Groundhog Day, I’m preparing myself to wake up in the same hotel, maybe with some Sonny and Cher playing on the clock radio. But I’m not as mean and crotchety as Bill Murray was in that movie… Maybe…

Frank took a bunch of pictures of the car throughout the day, but I don’t have them yet. The rear cabin is basically done and most of what’s left is electrical and lighting-related. Here’s a quick snapshot I took with my phone during one of the few short periods of the day when there weren’t several guys working on the car:

New Seats and New Home

Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

I went to Glendale for a day last week to look at my car and sue my previous stereo guy, Admir. One of those things happened (obviously), and the other is tabled for now. The drama behind the reason for that is not as interesting to read about as it is a hassle to have happen to me, so I’ll get to the car.

It now resides down the street at Megaplex, where Allen and Arbey are busy doing what it took Admir 100 years to try to do. They have already installed most of the wiring and have almost all of the parts they need. That’s pretty good for having only been in possession of it for one day. As I should have assumed by that point, Francisco was late delivering the car. It’s always something, and it’s usually not his fault.

This time, he experienced some complications with the width of the rear cabin seats. The original depth of both the rear-facing and side-facing seats was 18 inches. When placed in the car, Francisco found that there wasn’t enough space to comfortably enter through the rear doors. His solution was to shorten the rear-facing seat by 2.5 inches, which seems reasonable and didn’t cause a noticeable difference when I sat on the unfinished seat during my visit. But since I’m being very hands-on (well, at least eyes-on) with this project, I would have appreciated a phone call. I was also a little miffed because this could have been determined months ago by simply measuring the inside of the car. I know it’s hard to get an exact measurement, but I feel like we could have anticipated this.

During my last couple of visits to Francisco’s shop, I met with Allen and Arbey to discuss cameras, audio, and whatnot for the car. Allen told me over the phone a couple of weeks ago that he wanted to work on it in his own shop. I knew that would slow things on the front end, but it looks like he’ll be able to commit more resources to the project if the car is at his place.

We had made plans for where to put everything the last time I was in town, and those changed a bunch of times, a concept that I am growing used to. We’re putting the subwoofer all the way in the back now instead of near the front end of the side-facing rear seat. The 12-inch sub poked out just a tad too high above the constructed seat frame. The two amps are going into an opening near the right rear door.

With Admir running the AC at full-blast the entire time he was putting substandard materials in my car, the battery was out of juice. Allen tried to hook up a generator to squeeze some extra life out of the battery, but that didn’t work. So he’s been jumping it through another car in the lot every time he needs to work on it. I had grown used to the idea of having to buy a new battery if I really want my car to be the destroyer of worlds. But I was hoping the current one would last long enough to power the preparation of my car for regular use.

Incidentally, that thick blue cable snaking around it will be connecting the battery to all the electronics in the car. It’s quite a lot to ask of a standard battery that was doing nothing before. I’m having Allen get me an Optima, which will be sufficient for noisy, flashy things.

Door Handles, Rear Panels, and Stereo Scandals

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

My friend Justin picked me up this morning to go look at the car. I know Frank would have sent Pablo if I asked him to, but Justin wanted to see the car and I had to run a few other errands as well.

When we arrived, I saw Pablo washing my car. That made me very happy because it was filthy from sitting outside. I’ve probably already mentioned my paranoid fears of the dust and dirt being baked into the vinyl top, which is WHITE, by the way. Pablo said they wash the cars they keep long-term about once a week. The grime is unavoidable because of the smog and nearby railroad with trains releasing soot and other crap into the air.

Frank was busy so I did my usual trip around the inside of his two garages to see what’s new and who all was there. The pink armrests for both the front and rear doors are done. When I got the car, there was nothing on the rear doors at all. Frank went to a junkyard and found two matching ones, but what I love best of all is that he found two matching door handles, which also match the front door handles. This may not look like much in the picture, but it takes a lot of work to install one of these where there wasn’t one before.

We also took a look in the back, where the panels were being fitted. As you can see, they’ve been built, and those lines represent where the pink stripes are going to be. The rest of the panels will be white. And if Admir doesn’t return my parts, the ceiling will be all white to match.

Speaking of Admir, the next stop on our itinerary was to visit Art’s shop and hand-deliver the same letter I sent certified yesterday. I just want to make sure I do everything I can to make sure he gets it. I was expecting to say a quick hello to Art and give him the note, but we ended up talking for awhile.

He initially began by saying he didn’t want to get involved, which is funny because he totally does. He went on to tell me that he talked to Admir over the weekend and he thinks he convinced him that he needs to settle this, because I’m not going away. And that’s true, I’m not. He also said that Admir is making him look bad. And that’s true, he is.

He also mentioned that Admir had broken his nose by diving into a shallow pool. Justin and I listened to the story while stifling uncontrollable, boisterous laughter. Now I agree it’s sad for anyone to be in pain, whether they owe me a shitload of money or not. But this was pretty indicative of the kind of idiot I’m dealing with here.

Now I play the waiting game…


Friday, June 12th, 2009

I didn’t postpone my trip to Austin, but I’ve been calling Admir every day in attempt to settle our matters. Of course, he isn’t answering or returning my calls. I talked to Art today, who said Admir is “done with me” and plans to keep the parts because I never paid him for labor for the A/C and wiring. (Those are still going to require some more components and a skilled set of hands for the projects to be considered complete). I replied that I’d be happy to pay for labor where something was actually accomplished, but that doesn’t equal the cost of parts as far as I’m concerned. He never billed me for labor, so I’m not sure how I was supposed to pay for it.

I know Art is sick of hearing from me, and this isn’t his problem, so this is the last time I’m going to call him. I let him know that I’ll be filing a complaint and taking Admir to small claims court. I’m also sorry for the mess, reminding him that my original request was just a stereo system anyway, and Admir appeared experienced and quite capable of installing that.

The fact remains that I need a ceiling, and I need to find out what I have to work with. If I can recoup the ceiling-related cash I spent, then I will probably just have Francisco’s team put in a regular black fabric ceiling. That would be ideal at this point. If I can recoup the parts but no money, then I will try to make the ceiling myself. If I can’t get anything, then I’ll still put in a regular ceiling… and curse a lot.

I called the online store that sells the light engine that Admir and his dealer in Simi Valley overcharged me for, and I asked their representative to send me an installation guide. Once we nailed down the product I’m talking about, he sent me a one-page PDF. This doesn’t even begin to answer the questions I have about this product. So I responded with this:

“Okay, it’s not really clear to me how the average person is supposed to make use of that guide (not your fault; just saying). I have a sound-and-lighting person who foolishly bought one of these light engines (and paid too much) without knowing exactly how it works and now I’m probably stuck doing this project myself. If this is the only information that is widely available, I would really like to contact the vendor directly for more information.

I want to buy a few light engines and daisy-chain them together so I can have them working from one power source. I’d like the engineering specifications for the system so I can see how it works at the bare-bones level, and to see if there’s a way I or one of my programmer friends can alter the toggle functionality so the lights can go on and off, instead of fade (for example). I’m going to have to look at the circuitry to see if this is even possible though. They must have at least a CAD drawing or some prototype to give the manufacturer. I’d like to see it all!

By the way, I’m a technical writer, and you can tell your vendor that, if they happen to be in need of one. :-)”

As much as I feel compelled to explain the absurd incompleteness of this document line by line, I’m too wrapped up in my car issues to edit technical documents for free. It was very nice of them to extend the invitation to “use my own creativity to explore its versatility,” but I’m going to need a little more direction than that. Admir clearly did.

When I read this installation guide page, it became clear to me why Admir thought drilling holes in glass was a good idea. This dumb thing said to! So I was trusting my ceiling parts to a few paragraphs of text, likely written by a developer or mechanical engineer who was assigned the task due to lack of seniority and ease of pushoverability. This is a common practice among small tech outfits, and I wouldn’t care if I weren’t one of the handful of people who could actually use the instructions. It’s also quite possible that the real-world applications were not fully explored when creating this item. Some marketing strategist said, “make something” and they did. I suppose they think they’re done.

So yeah, no parts indicator, no arrangement drawing, no circuitry diagram, not even a part number to keep track of the damn thing! But like I said, I need to see if I can even get the parts and/pr money back. If I can, I’ll see if anyone can help me pull this off. If not, I guess I learned a valuable lesson, haven’t I?

In other news, I took some pictures of the upholstery earlier this week. Frank and I also had a nice talk before I left town, and he’s going to try to get in touch with some car audio people he’s worked with before. Doug also happened to be there, dropping off a late-model hearse for some touch-ups, and it was nice to see him again. He had positive things to say about the progress, but I know I’m going to be somewhat restless until the car is at least drivable.

Sample Stars

Saturday, June 6th, 2009

I spent last night writing an epic email to Stereo Masters, the place I visited while in search of a head unit. I talked on the phone with the same guy I saw a month and a half ago, and he actually remembered me, my car, and my head unit questions. He asked me to put everything that’s happened so far in writing. While it took some time to organize the information for him, it was all there thanks to my diligent blogging. (Who said these things were worthless?)

His response was quick and direct, which I appreciate. Unfortunately, he could only be as helpful as possible without actually helping me. Whoever works on this is going to want to start over. Since he knew I’m at a late enough stage not to want to cut my losses yet, he suggested I get a third party (i.e., a lawyer) to create a contract. So I spent some time thinking about how I want to approach that one.

Most lawyers give free consultations, and I want to be able to do it in person. This means I have to put my trip to Austin on hold and probably also spend some time figuring out a place to stay for at least a little longer while I straighten this out. Come hell or high water, I don’t not want to let this project make me ugly to the people who were just trying to help me.

I was surprised to find a message from Admir today, not too long after my morning run. He had samples ready for me to view. That was fast, considering how long I’ve been waiting for every other little thing he’s had to show me. I knew that this visit would be accompanied by an uncomfortable conversation, but I’m glad to have it out of the way.

He had changed his mind again and decided not to drill holes in the tinted glass. Instead, he put a layer of black, porous, heat-resistant hard foam between the light and the tinted glass and another layer of hard foam behind the cables. Each layer of foam is about three-fourths of an inch thick and surely cheaper than the piece of clear plexiglass that was supposed to go over the tinted piece, but that issue is minuscule compared to the other issues I have with him.

The sample headliner piece is two square feet. The left side as shown below had about 30 stars in blue and white scattered about an inch or two apart (cool). The right side had eight stars with a “shooting star” effect, which comprised of thin, wispy lines trailing the sparsely scattered points of light (shitty).

The picture I took has some glare from the window. But I think it’s quite obvious which side I expected to resemble the end result. He kind of tried to sell me on the shooting star idea, but I think it looks weak. And at this point, I don’t trust this guy to baby-sit my pet cockroach.

When he was done with his spiel, I told him why. I said I would consider buying another engine… online at one-fourth the price. He sat there dumbfounded. I told him that the product I found online was identical to the one he had purchased, and while I’m here, how about we count the cables coming out of this “custom built” engine he bought with my money?

Yep, there were five bundles of 30 cables, just like the one I found online. The person who sold Admir this part told him that he custom-made this thing with 250 cables. Again, as with everything else so far, why am I the one who has to point this stuff out?

I’m really annoyed that he even attempted for a second to make me take some of the responsibility for his mistake. He said something along the lines of “Well, I told you what it was going to be and you said you didn’t want spend a lot of time learning about this stuff.” First of all, I’m taking a much more active role in the customization of this car than almost any customer with my background has ever taken. Second, I shouldn’t have to learn anything. I should be able to rely on his expertise and trust that he’s going to make good decisions. Third, it’s now readily apparent that he is still learning about this stuff… ineffectively and at my expense.

This totally sucks, and I need to lawyer up. I explained that I would not give him any more money until I had a third party create a contract that will protect all of our interests (but given recent events, mostly mine). He made a flat-out poor decision that anyone with experience would have known not to make, and I can’t trust him with any more cash.

He had some more prices on the remaining items I need for my sound system. I wrote everything down so I can research the parts online myself. He had this semi-indignant attitude of “Well if you think you can do better, be my guest.” I had to briefly explain that I don’t want this kind of stuff to be up to me. I’m paying him to be able to get the parts he needs and put them in my car. He has shown me that he is not resourceful enough to do this on his own, so I have no choice.

He also told me about how much labor was going to be, which I am finding an almost laughable topic to broach at this point because I feel like I’ve been holding his hand the entire time. I have the money and don’t mind paying… if the work is done as expected. So yeah, the time to involve a lawyer is long overdue.

I would never say this to someone’s face, but he’s lucky I don’t sue his ass. This is negligence. But there’s not much I can do about it at this very moment, since it’s Saturday evening and most of the lawyers I know are getting ready to booze it up like professionals.

Timelines, Accountability, and a New Spot for the TV

Friday, May 29th, 2009

Today was a somewhat of a D-Day. My car has been in Francisco’s lot for exactly eight weeks. I am sick of being asked when the car will be done, and consequently, he and Admir are sick of me asking them when the car will be done. So I called a meeting in attempt to answer this burning question.

I called Francisco this morning and asked him to have Pablo come pick me up, and would he mind if we stopped by Central Auto Sound to pick up my head unit? Pablo and I talked about our families on the way to Art’s shop. He told me about his daughters moving back to Mexico because they didn’t like it here.

Art was around and not busy, and I was surprised to find him so interested in the status of my car. He asked thoughtful, detailed questions that I would not expect (and haven’t gotten) from someone who hasn’t seen me in awhile. I explained to him my frustration with the lack of established timelines and accountability I was seeing. I didn’t think I was going to have to manage this project on the intimate level I was about to. Art said he’d “light a fire under Admir’s ass,” which is all well and good, but I made it clear that I didn’t go over there to tell on him. (I did not make clear, either, that I went over there to retrieve my head unit because no one was keeping an eye on it.) I left Art’s shop feeling slightly empowered, like I had a knowing party to practice on before I delivered my hammer-dropping speech.

I may look like I’m on vacation wearing my giant sunglasses and floral print tube top, but I don’t feel like it in the slightest. Every day, I wake up feeling frustrated and without recourse as time ticks by and I don’t have a car to drive. I told myself at the beginning of the Barbie Dream Hearse blog that I would write only about the car, the mechanics and perhaps the business. I didn’t want to get personal.

But after eight weeks with no clear end in sight, this project has gotten seriously personal. I can’t reasonably move anywhere and establish myself professionally and socially until this is done. I want a permanent home, job, and friend-base right now more than anyone can imagine. I have been staying at the apartment of a man with whom I am not romantically involved. I have been traveling to other cities periodically in attempt to stay out of his way. My friend did a really nice thing allowing me to stay at his place for so long, but eight weeks is an incredibly long time to spend with anyone. He didn’t sign up for this, and frankly neither did I.

I explained the situation to Francisco and Admir as best I could without sounding upset. I told them we needed to establish timelines and an order of operations to make sure that no more time is wasted. I’m sure plenty of cars have spent much longer in the shop to have much less work done on them than mine, but that’s not important now. If I had known it was going to take this long, I would have rented an apartment month-to-month, and perhaps bought a beater-car that I could ditch here when the project was done.

I’m not going to lie, at one point I almost lost it. Frank and Admir were being understanding and light with the excuses, which I appreciated. While it’s not their fault that I am homeless and not local, I told them this before I turned over the car. I tried to explain my living situation in such a way that it was strictly a list of facts and they could draw their own conclusion about how much it sucks, and for a brief moment I choked and couldn’t say anything. I concentrated on not breaking down into some weepy pile of shit that would gain me some short-term sympathy but no one could ever respect again. Then Admir politely attempted to finish my sentence and a strange wave of relief washed over me. And then I got the status and set a schedule.

The A/C tubing is in place:

And the wiring is 80 percent done:

There are a few more shots of the contents of my future amp rack in the photo album. In addition to all the wiring, you can see the A/C tubing going from the front and up into the car. Now for everything else.

Who What How Long
Admir Last 20 percent of A/V wiring 0.5 day
Frank Padding/carpet 3 days
Frank Cover side panels 3-4 days
Admir Hang the headliner 0.5 day
Frank Put in molding to fit the headliner 1 day
Frank Build rear-facing seats (wood and fiberglass) 4 days per seat (8 days)
Admir Put amp rack under rear-facing seats (only the base needs to be done) 1 day
Frank Build right-facing benches 5 days per bench (10 days)
Frank Build divider 3 days
Frank Assemble components 5 days
Frank Fit components 3 days

These estimates are approximate, but they made me feel a lot better than I did before we talked about them. This conversation opened the floodgates for finding out which tasks were contingent on other tasks being done. It all needed to happen, and now I can have a realistic expectation for a completion date. I’m crossing my fingers for the beginning of July. I’m almost cringing as I write this because I know it’s going to be a little longer than that.

Also, I’m second-guessing my planned placement of the TV. I was going to put it on the left side, but then it’s going to be hard to view from the rear-facing seats, which are the best seats in the car. I have two options, both of which will probably provide a better viewing experience, but I can’t decide which is best.

a) A 19″ mounted TV on the back door. We could make it secure enough so it doesn’t jiggle around as long as I can keep my use of that door to a minimum. I would be able to remove the TV too. In fact, I probably wouldn’t even buy one until I got where I was going.

b) Two 10″ embedded TVs. I think this would look nicer, but I’m afraid they might be too small. The viewing distance will be about five feet.

Maybe I’ll take a poll. I’m not going to be sitting back there much.