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Building a Better Barbie

Sunday, October 3rd, 2010

Early fall in Seattle is pretty much heaven on earth. Since the Decibel dust has settled from last weekend and the car finally has sufficient bells and whistles (i.e. curtains and lights), I got to spend this weekend enjoying the beautiful Pac NW and concentrating on some other aspects of Barbie business.

As I’ve mentioned before, I joined the Junior League of Seattle this year because I wanted to participate in some organized community work and I also (selfishly) wanted to get connected with a giant portion of my target demographic: women ages 21-35 who like to go out. Done and done.

But what’s also cool about the league is being able to sign up for educational workshops like the ones I attended today. I learned a lot about branding and received some great advice from the guest speaker, who runs Turnstyle, a design studio in Ballard. I learned the advantages of having a living will, although being undecided about what to do with the Barbie Dream Hearse has kept from creating one. (I’ll be taking bids on Facebook next week.) And I attended a great seminar about having difficult conversations. Since I created the BDH, I’ve been dealing with both vendor and customer issues rather frequently. After spending most of my professional life in front of a computer, safely shielded from actual human interaction, dealing with these issues has been both exciting and challenging, so I appreciate having the opportunity to reflect and get some different points of view.

Yes, that’s right, your dark, fearless death cab driver is in a sorority for adults… and she LIKES it. I’m still trying to think of ways to incorporate the hearse into a future service project, because that would be the bees knees.

I don’t normally do the Google Latitudes thing (you’ll see me when you see me), but I have to say that driving down the hill from Forest Ridge School provides one of the most gorgeous distant views of downtown Seattle and downtown Bellevue I’ve ever seen.

When my lessons were done, I hightailed it back to Seattle for some quick Barbie beautification at Elephant Car Wash. I usually make the trek to Brown Bear, cursing its shitty location all the way, since I’m one of those weird people who genuinely enjoys washing my car myself. But Elephant costs just a few dollars more, they do a better job than I can, and they do it faster. They’re also really nice guys and they like the car. (Or they’re damn good actors.)

Then it was on to Tacoma, where I picked up Julian and his date for homecoming. Yay! High school dance clients! I met Julian at Crypticon, where he shot my spontaneous tutorial entitled, How to Eat a Cupcake. It was lovely to see him again and be a part of his special evening. On our way, we came up with a new slogan for the dance: “Homecoming 2010: Dat’s Romannic an’ Sheeit”.

My trip to Tacoma involved a long trip down a strange road. McKinley is home to what looks like some of the best Mexican food, dollar stores, and sketchy townfolk for miles. Plus, there’s a repair shop called Jesus Muffler. Car problems? Freaking JESUS is on that shit.

After dropping off my charges and showboating around downtown, I went back to the Hill to show my car to Jeshua at Licorous, which is quickly becoming my new favorite drive-by-say-hi place. There’s always a spot out front to accommodate me AND there are always people walking out who are unabashedly interested in checking out the car. That combination of circumstances is so rare, I can’t believe I happened upon them in my own neighborhood. Let’s hope it stays this way.

I cruised for a bit, and picked up a nice couple who saw me at Decibel Festival. Their location allowed me a short trip back down the hill to see the last of twilight grace the stunning city skyline, riiiight here:

I had dinner with a friend by the water last night and he took the words right out of my mouth when he said, “Dude, we LIVE here.” It really is borderline unfair.

So if it’s all so gorgeous, where are the pictures? *sigh* The Barbie Dream Hearse has two cameras, but her driver has only a lousy camera phone. If any photographers want to barter an old camera in good condition in exchange for a ride, hit me up! Consider it an indirect public service.