The Dream Hearse is a fun alternative to your regular means of transportation. What began as a simple play on words turned into a full-fledged art car, adding a unique flavor to Seattle-area car shows, freewheeling through the best parades, and serving a fun-loving set of ladies (and self-confident gentlemen!) with a unique, avant-garde way to spend the night on the town.

To learn more, call (206) GUN-KITSCH or e-mail

Any usage agreement made does not imply or otherwise consist as a rental of the car for professional use.

Any usage is an agreement between the private owner, Kat Taylor, for her time and appearance at a prearranged fee to offset personal costs in the operation of the vehicle, and the parties requesting her presence.

The Dream Hearse is an independently owned and operated vehicle for recreational use. The car cannot be present without the owner/operator also present. Insurance does not allow anyone else to operate the vehicle at any time.

The owner, Kat Taylor, reserves the right to refuse, cancel, or otherwise modify any agreement, with proper notification of the other party.

Any liability issues are strictly the responsibility of the requesting party(s), not the owner/operator of the vehicle.

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