Out of Hibernation (Maybe)

After our first (really) hot day of the year, people all over town are silently retreating indoors in response to the returning rain. Since I’m here, I wanted to write about what a pleasure it was to assist the Junior League of Seattle Life Skills for Teens committee with transportation this year.

The committee focused on creating programs for teenagers in the foster care system. While it’s great these young ladies had a place to go do something productive with their evenings, the JLS committee leaders received the feedback that some of the girls were uncomfortable riding cabs home at night and found it a bit creepy. What does it say about our current taxi system that people find it to be creepier than riding home in a customized funeral coach?

Anyway, the girls got to ride in Seattle’s most unique limo, and I got to have a reason to leave the house on a Thursday. I suppose many reasons exist, but “meh, I don’t feel like it” often prevails.

For those of you not following me on Facebook, here are some pics of the girls having fun in the hearse!

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