Penn Cove Musselfest on Whidbey Island

I bought a ton of leather cleaner and conditioner awhile back, but I still haven’t used them. :-/ Although I love my hearse very much and am very happy it’s mine, I’m not as energetic about maintaining it as I was when it was new to me. It’s normal to adjust to the life and possessions to which you’ve grown accustomed, but I’m kind of feeling guilty about it. Maybe that’ll motivate me to do something!

The weekend before last, I joined some other art cars for an event on Whidbey Island called Penn Cove Musselfest. It was a fairly average street festival with live entertainment, great food, and nice people. There were about 10 art cars, and it got me excited for the Fremont Fair. That’s coming up this summer, and we usually have art cars from all over the country drive in. It’s always a lot of fun, even if the weather doesn’t cooperate!

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