Post-Parade Partying

After the parade celebrating Microsoft’s new Windows 7 phone, we hit the Fremont Brewing Company before watching the sun set over Lullaby Moon at Gasworks Park. Nobody complained when I pulled up a few feet from the kegs, and brewers happily displayed my Barrrrbie magnet. Even though I don’t drink when I drive, I enjoyed partying vicariously through the rest of the crowd.

More pictures from the parade

More coverage of the parade by Engadget, Gizmodo and some crotchety old guy.

Note: I did a quick google search using the terms “microsoft parade redmond” and found most of the relevant articles contain “funeral” somewhere in the headline. It is worth mentioning that the parade was a lot bigger than a couple of hearses, some cardboard cutouts of “dead” iPhones, and 50 people doing Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” dance. I was part of one of seven floats made by different groups at Microsoft. Each group had to come up with a unique theme for their part of the parade. The group that hired me seems to have chosen the most controversial one, so that picture of my car’s rear end with a bunch of pallbearers trailing it got the most action. I can’t speak for the group’s motive in choosing the theme, but I will say the spirit of the event was more of a corporate congratulatory nature and less of a brash political commentary that some bloggers made it out to be.

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