Thursday Night at the Decibel Festival

I’d like to come up with a more clever title to this post, but I’m totally wiped and the weekend is only just beginning. Last night I drove Ben Frost, Grouper, and Lawrence English to their showcase at Pravda. Then I drove Lorn, who was playing at the FlyLo and Friends showcase. “FlyLo” is Flying Lotus, and apparently he has so many friends that he doesn’t need a ride to the damn venue and didn’t want to tell any of the organizers.

So FlyLo was a no-show for me, but I still made it to his set. It’s hard to hold a grudge when music is involved, and this guy made three of the best songs on my stereo right now. He even worked each of them into his set in some sort of fashion. The artist who played before him, Eskmo, was new to me and also lots of fun to watch.

Since I parked in front of Neumos, there was some light-flashing, hearse-promoting, hand-shaking, and tour-giving. I love every second of it. Even the parts where people walk up to me, not giving a damn about the custom work in the car, and launch into a full powerpoint presentation on their ideas for stuff they want to do with some other car and some barbies or something maybe sometime in the future. And how their dads thought about buying a hearse when they were in high school. (I want to link to that post, but I can’t find it.)

Anyway, the most personally newsworthy event of the evening wasn’t music-related though. While I was showing the car to some people who were waiting for Neumos to release the last of the FlyLo and Friends tickets, a photographer came by and asked to take some shots. I was thrilled, and I gave him a card afterward so he could email me the pictures. Even though 9 out of 10 photographers fail to do this and it’s nerve-racking. It takes three seconds to upload a few and click send. Please!

But what should I find in my Inbox this morning but links to a couple of pictures on Flickr. Nic Launceford, you are a gentleman and a scholar. It was a little dark and rainy and all around not picture-perfect last night, but a promise was made and fulfilled.

Aaaaand I’m spent.

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